Some SAMF Tips

It’s that time again; Spring Awakening Music Festival is back at the historic Soldier Field with Chicago’s amazing skyline as its backdrop. This year it expands from 2 to 3 days; which means more music, more lasers, more memories to make and more time to meet new friends. Having attended the entire festival last year and attending a few other ones since then I’m sharing with you a few pointers on how to have the most fun and enjoy yourselves.

1. Be Aware

This means be prepared to see anyone from young “ravers” aka ragers wearing kandi bracelets, to the stereotypical “douche bag” that is very prominent in Chicago’s Club scene to old school Chicago house purists. It is what it is just chill and focus on enjoying yourself, everyone is generally  there for the music.

2. Be Smart

This will tie in with point number one and a comment I made in my Spring Awakening post from last year (FOLLOW LINK HERE TO READ IT) but I feel it’s important. Don’t complain about water being overpriced. Better yet don’t complain about any prices. This is a major corporately funded music festival which means the prices will be at a premium. Make sure to scope out water REFILL stations and keep your original bottle of water and you’ll set. There is no need to constantly pay $5 for water if you are prepared.  Also if you or anyone you know part takes in any extracurricular activities please be safe, festivals are supposed to be happy events not tragic ones.

3. Be Positive

Many people are traveling from across the us to attend this festival, don’t assume its all local kids. Be open to meeting and seeing people that you don’t see on the regular. Be friendly and bring good vibes and you should have a good time. Make sure our out of town friends have a good opinion of Chicago and all of its residence when they leave after the festival. Don’t be a douche.

4. Be Supportive

If time and your work schedule permits, try to make it out early to get to see some of our local talent. It’s always good to support our own as it motivates them to keep working on  their craft.

5. Be Open

I’ve learned at other festivals that exploring artists you may not know could be just as rewarding as seeing the headliners and favorites. it never hurts to add to your music library and favorite playlists with new tracks.

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