Trance Local: Delusive [Interview]


Delusive is a Polish-American local DJ. He has been DJing for about 7 years. Thus far he has performed at Spring Awakening Music Festival, Bass City Oasis, Congress Theater, Concord Music Hall, The MID, Spybar, Soundbar, Chicagoland Speedway, Toyota Park, and many more.

What should people expect when they come see you perform?
When I perform it’s all about putting on a show, taking people on a journey, having them leave to a different place and just feel something special that touches them. I make all my sets very special and put in a lot of time/work into them. I feel like there is too many artists out there nowadays that don’t put on good shows. There is a difference between putting on a show and DJing.

Who are your biggest influences? Why?
Above & Beyond and Kaskade. They’re real artists and are all about the music. They do it all, from singing to playing instruments to doing acoustic concerts to being some of the most talented artists in the game with some of the best music out. Every time I see them they put on some of the best shows ever.

What is your Genre/Style ?
I have many. When you see me perform you can always expect a different set. My main Genres are Progressive House/Trance and Trance. Aside from those I also love Tech House/House, Electro House, Dubstep, Reggae. Pretty much a mix of Deadmau5, Kaskade, Above & Beyond, Eric Prydz, Excision/Knife Party, and Kryder.

Why Trance, and not any other genre of music?
No other Genre gives you the feeling that Trance does. It really hits you and touches you a special way. With other Genres I don’t experience as much goose bumps, emotions, feelings as with trance.

When it comes to Producing, what is music to you?
Music to me is emotions, feelings, stories, visions, life, expressing yourself, making an imagine you see a song. It’s like writing a book. You can’t just slap on a bunch of sounds or drums and call it music.

Do you plan on incorporating DJing into your career? or do you plan on that being your career?
This is my life/career. I don’t see myself doing anything else other than music. I am the happiest with music and I will always stick with it.

How did your family and friends accept your choice to become a DJ?
At first everyone always made fun but now they’re starting to realize it’s very serious and my life.

What was your first show/gig?
One my first gigs was my friends birthday party. I was prob like 15/16 and it was a basement gig.

What is one of your main goals right now?
To get signed to Anjunabeats and become a part of the AnjunaFamily. Above & Beyond / Anjunabeats have changed me as an artist and it would be one of the biggest goals to achieve within the next 2-3 years!

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?
Probably my upcoming show at Freaky Deaky Festival. I have quite a few big accomplishments from having my own headlining concert to Spring Awakening Festival but I think this will be my biggest.

Any other locals that we should check out?
There is many. I DJ under Funky Entertainment events sometimes and all the DJs there are great! One of my best buddies “Strange Habits” (Producer I made my new track with) is def one of the main ones that I think. We work on music a lot and there will be a lot more stuff coming from us!

Any big shows/releases coming up?
Yes! Starting it off with spinning at Freaky Deaky Festival on Friday 2-330 at the Trance Arena (Cript) Stage ! I will be playing a new track that I have been working on a lot with Strange Habits. Still doesn’t have a vocal yet but I will be giving it a test run and after I will be finishing it with a vocalist and then sending out to labels. Also, I will be releasing a Mashup Pack rite after Freaky Deaky. Then just focus a lot on production and getting a lot of new music out and doing bigger/more shows.

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