Hounds Of Hell in Review

Let’s start off by saying that after seeing him at Freaky Deaky a few years ago with the Bloody Beetroots at Congress Theater, Wolfgang Gartner easily became one of my favorite Djs. His blend of electro house with other genres and long list of epic hit songs drew me to his following shows. But it seems that his early show at Concord left me feeling like something was missing. Sure when “Illmerica” and “the champ” dropped I lost my mind and brought back some great memories of events passed. But it just wasn’t the same. Tommy Trash on the other hand delivered with his hard hitting beats just like he did when we saw him at Hakkasan in Las Vegas a few months ago.  The Hounds of Hell Tour should get recognition for setting the right mood with the stage setup. Though it was not over the top it took advantage of the stage space nicely and set the tone for the evening.

That was also our first night at Concord Music Hall what used to be VLive. It’s not a total surprise that the main room is used for concerts now. Even when it was VLive it always seemed like the amount of space the venue has including the over sized stage would eventually house bands as well as Djs. The room on the second floor next to the coat check  was blocked off for good reason as it would be pointless during a concert like this. One thing I could suggest is to figure out a way to use what used to be the VIP seating in back of the main room. I mainly saw photographers and the sound engineers there, but that could be due to lack of a crowd.

The only other thing I can take away from the show is that if you are 21 and you aren’t going with a large group of younger friends or you’re not seeing an “A-List” Dj skip the all age show. The crowd is an important part of any show or festival and unfortunately the younger crowd has a long way to go. You have to give them credit for their energy and passion but the behavior, respect and knowledge of the scene just isn’t there.

See you at DaDa Life at the Aragon Ballroom this Saturday!!

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