DJ Twitter Wars

In case you missed it; on May 25th during the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso Texas Wolfgang Gartner took to twitter to show his displeasure with the track selection of another performing DJ. Later it turned out that DJ was Martin Solveig. Wolfgang Gartner was making everyone aware that he personally dislikes when A-List DJ’s end up playing the same top songs on the charts to appease the crowds that come out to see them.


Regardless if Twitter was the right way to state his opinion,  I do believe Wolfgang Gartner has a point and I too share in his frustration. When I attended a dozen or so shows around Chicago in a span of a few months last year I noticed that I progressively had less fun at the shows as most of the artists played  a mix of their own hits with the hits of other DJs at the time. Eventually these concerts got very repetitive and annoying. This  doesn’t mean I wont attend any shows, of course not but it’s something to think about when buying concert tickets.