Dillon Francis at The Aragon 12/5/14 [Recap]

After listening. to Dillon’s new album “Money Sucks Friends Rule” it was clear to me I wanted to see him when he  made his tour stop in Chicago.  That says a lot considering the last time I saw Dillon in Chicago he played at the Aragon Ballroom with Excision and both were disappointing to say the least. Since then Dillon has released several hit tracks; “Messages” and “Get Low” just to name a few that lead to his album release.

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IMG_7503-logoTrippy Turtle was a nice surprise as the opening act right before Dillon came on stage. He played a nice mix of 90’s rap songs with a trappy remixes and mash ups. The crowd responded well and got down to the funky beats.

From the moment Dillon came on, dropping the black sheet covering up his intricate stage set up, it was clear it was going to be a great show. He started out with “I Cant Believe It’s Not Butter”  which matched the already high energy the crowd was projecting. Dillon did nothing short of facilitating a high energy house party in a mainstream event with 5000 of his closest friends. The whole set was fun. The confetti drop was great and having the whole venue sing along to ” When We Were Young” brought everyone together.

Check out the handful of pictures i took from the balcony before rushing downstairs to join the party.

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Dillon Francis – Money Sucks Friends Rule [3.5/4]

Dillon francis - money sucks friends rule album cover


Wow, what a difference a year can make; the last time I saw Dillon Francis was at the Aragon Ballroom when he played an after party with Excision. Unfortunately both let me down that night and I ended up leaving the show early. Fast forward to 2014 after months of touring the biggest festivals in the world and releasing a few hit singles Dillon Francis comes out with a much anticipated 1st album Money Sucks Friends Rule. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from Dillon, but I started to like his sound after he dropped his single “Messages” and after “Get Low” hit the airwaves I knew I wanted more. That song alone got Dj Snake on my radar. Money Sucks, Friends Rule will definitely give everyone something to listen to. The first song “All that” had to grow on me mainly because of the hip hop influence once it did it completed what is a very multi dimensional album that you can put on repeat for nonstop dancing action. From slower songs to some awesome melodies and drops this album has it all. If you needed any more reason to see Dillon at the Aragon ballroom on Friday December 5, this is it. I give this album 4 out of 4 stars.


Dillon Francis’ first album, “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”, takes #65 on the iTunes top album chart. The DJ granted his fans an album with tons of variety. One song contains rap and dubstep while another has a melody and vocals. You’ll definitely start hearing Francis’ songs at the parties and clubs you go to. I’m rating “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” a 3 out of 4 stars for the vibes and originality.

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The album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule, is quite possibly close to perfect! It really comes to no surprise when we find out that Dillon Francis is topping charts left and right. This album offers hit after hit, everybody will find a song on here that they cannot stop replaying. It is honestly refreshing to hear such a great album after well a pretty silent period of NEW in the EDM community. I seriously can’t take it when I listen to “I Can’t Take It.” “We Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” is absolutely weird, but it’s Dillon Francis, so I love it. A refreshing song that is bliss is my ears is most definitely “When We Were Young.” And I think we all know “What’s that Spell.” This album 100% convinced me to see Dillon Francis Dec 5th in Chicago! I”ll go von deeper for this one and give DJ Hanzel/ Rave Dad/ Diplo’s BFF a 4 out of 4!


Dillon Francis’ first album and the most anticipated album of the year brings the best of all worlds to one album by mixing in all types of genres and artists. In just 12 tracks, Dillon manages to squeeze in mumbathon, pop, funk, house, and trap. This album is very original and it is obvious that Dillon put a lot of effort into it. My personal favorite is “Drunk All The Time” since it is a bit calmer (I’m a trance fan). I also like “We Make it Bounce” since I am a Major Lazer fan. Since he has blown fans away during his sets in the last year, I will be sure to see him on his tour. I give this album a 3/4.