Krewella No More?

I never fully bought in into the whole Krewella spell. After a few hit singles, it was clear their music wasn’t my cup of tea. Having ex-pop-goes-punk fan-kids headbanging at shows to their music was never going to sit right with me. However, I would be foolish not to give this Chicago Based EDM Band credit for helping put Chicago in the minds of young EDM enthusiasts all over the country – if not the globe. Their storybook road to fame and stardom is a good one, but with now a few legal hiccups along the way.

Taken from

Taken from

This is not the first lawsuit that the group has had to overcome. The only difference is that after the dust settles, Krewella as we know it might not be Krewella anymore. It will just be a sister act.

To summarize the lawsuit (INCLUDED BELOW, taken from

Between March 2012 and March of 2013, during a very busy touring schedule (140 shows), Kris Trindle aka Rainman handled the pressures of the spotlight and group pressure to tour by turning to the bottle. After seeking treatment for alcoholism in a 30 day rehab program, he optimistically rejoined the group only to have Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf try to have an intervention for the new “depressed” Rainman. Rainman claims he is not depressed but just not partying anymore as he is trying to stay sober. One very specific accusation in the lawsuit is that Rainman believes he is being pushed out of the group because the Yousaf sisters feel they can find someone else to produce their music for cheaper than the going rate 1/3 of their income, which has always been split evenly among the band members.

This is only a piece of the pie. Feel free to read the entire 18 page document below for all of the legal details.

Deadmau5 has made it obvious that he has chosen a side by voicing his opinion on twitter.  His choice might be affected by the fact that that his legal team is defending Rainman.



11/18-11/23 Preview

Monday 11/18

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November Concert List

What a busy concert season in Chicago!!! Here’s a complete list of the November concerts. A lot of them are selling out so make sure to get your tickets ASAP!! ( Click the artist name to get directed to the ticket site)  Hope you enjoy & be safe.

Don’t be shy, just stay Chi. 

Date Artist/DJ Location
11/1/2013 Bingo Players Concord Music Hall
11/2/2013 Rusko Concord Music Hall
11/8/2013 Pretty Lights Aragon Ballroom
11/9/2013 Pretty Lights Aragon Ballroom
11/16/2013 Krewella, Seven Lions, Candyland (SOLD OUT) Aragon Ballroom
11/23/2013 Alesso Aragon Ballroom
11/23/2013 Crizzly, Figure Concord Music Hall
11/29/2013 Eric Prydz Aragon Ballroom

Krewella’s Yasmine vs Internet Haters

Taken from

Taken from

If you haven’t already seen this on the internet I’m glad to inform you that Krewella’s very own Yasmine Yousaf released her message to internet hater via her Tmblr account last night. It’s lengthy but she makes good points. Check it out for yourself.

“The internet has been a battlefield lately. With the recent leak of something as huge as Daft Punk’s new album, musicians jumping down each other’s throats over other petty issues, and fans/anti-fans getting in the middle of all of this shit, it’s impossible to scroll through my timeline on any social media and not see a post that is hating on something or someone.

This is fucking scary for an artist. We’re coming upon the conclusion of the full length album, and for anyone who puts their heart into the music they create and let it out into the world once it is (almost but not ever quite) perfect knows how anxiety-inducing it is in the current day and age to do such a thing. Some support you, but others will stop at nothing to cut you down and make you feel worthless about yourself as a musician and even a person sometimes. Really though, if I had a dime for every person that didn’t know one of the three of us, yet called out some deep character flaw they couldn’ possibly ly know… More importantly though;

Twelve songs. Through countless (probably over 100) demos, we chose twelve.

It took a full year because we’ve been balancing touring and studio at the same time, but nonetheless it’s been a crazy road.

And I can say right here and right now that some people are going to fucking hate us for these twelve songs. They’re going to think that we’ve taken a giant shit on the music industry, ruined their favorite genre of music, etc. etc. etc. It’s almost comical to me at this point, I always envision a small Napolean-looking character sitting in front of their computer in a dark room, conjuring up new ways to advocate hate on the internet. I imagine them scouring YouTube for videos with too many thumbs-up’s just to even out the ratings with some negativity. Worse though, what’s in my head is probably not too far off from reality.

Now, for those of who are reading this and have completely ignored the last paragraph because you are excited that we have almost finished and are coming out with a full length album soon, FUCKING THANK YOU!!! Because you know what? So am fucking I. I am MOTHERFUCKING STOKED. Jahan, Kris, and I have spent the last year pouring all the wonderful and shitty and insane and just plain fucked up emotions and feelings into this album so I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone has anything bad to say.

We spent this entire year working and stressing about whether or not it was going to be good enough in the end, but as the door closes on the creative process for Album #1 (still un-named, working on that though!!) I couldn’t be happier. I speak for myself, but I think my sister and Kris could agree with me. There’s always room for the could-haves and should-haves. But fuck that, we’ll save that for Album #2.

We created this album for the person that is still reading this awfully long rant. You, our krew, our fucking homies, the ones who get drenched and wet to the core with us at our shows, the ones who tweet at us every day, those who make us personalized kandi, write us such beautiful letters that make a lonely hotel night away from home just a little warmer, the die-hards who were one of maybe 20 people at our very first shows back in 2011, the people that know every word of every unreleased song already (how the fuck do y’all know that shit ahhahaaa!), the kids who listen to our tunes every night before they go to sleep and every morning when they wake up… Thank you. This album is for you. It’s to help you when you need a hand and to slap a smile on your face when shit gets bad. We made this for you. Thank you so fucking much for supporting us, I’m sitting here in my room at 4am and I’m getting mad fucking emo thinking about how many people have helped my dream, my Krew’s dream, come true.

I wake up every day and think about how rare it is to get even 100 people to listen to your songs, and we have ALL of you? How fucking lucky are we!? The luckiest in the entire fucking stratosphere. Before I start the waterworks and also begin to offend you all with my lack of control with my usage of profanity, I’m going to sign off. But…. one more big ass motherfucking huge THANK YOU!! I cannot wait for you guys to hear these songs and I hope you can all relate to these songs, cuz in the end we’re just three regular ass kids from Chicago going through the ups and downs of life too, we just put these emotions into songs and make them rage-worthy for you guys.”