Millennium Park Chicago House Party

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**Free event at Jay Pritzker Pavilion**

Celebrate House music, born in Chicago 35+ years ago.

Live Artists:
THE HOUSE LEGACY PROJECT – Keys: Jerry C King, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Rob Diggy. Bass: Day Rock, Sam Glover. Guitar: Duane “Rude” Jones. Drums: Chuck Lacy, Phillip Glover. Horns: Led by Eddie Dunn, Evrett Newchurch, Steve Thomas. Background Vocals: Kim Jay, Tony Dyson, Robert Townsend, Bernetta Donalson, Jon Pierce, Gus Lacy, Lady Laronda Maestro.

FEATURING: Byron Stingily (Ten City), Dajae, Lidell Townsell, Faith Howard, Paris Brightledge, Ronnell, Kim Jay, First Lady, and introducing Ivelisse Diaz.

Choreography by Zenaida Saez of Zendless Productions. Choreographic appearances by Sarah and Faith Lloyd.


Guest appearance By Studio Confessions


DJ Sets By:
Superjane’s DJ HEATHER & LADY D

Hosted by DANA DIVINE of WGCI 107.5

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Exclusive Interview: Omnia – November 8, 2014

OmniaQuoteIt was a real treat to sit down with Omnia, a very fast rising Dj/Producer from the Ukraine, on November 8th.  Just minutes after the interview, he went behind the decks to a packed crowd at Sound-bar. Omnia went from humble beginnings and producing tracks back home to international recognition by Trance god Armin [Van Buuren] and Marcus [Schultz] in their radio shows. It has been a very busy year for him. He has traveled to China, the UK, Canada, and now finished his four stop US tour. Omnia proved to be the great DJ that Armin and Markus saw in him during his Sound-Bar performance. The positive energy and excitement he created built a strong relationship between him and the crowd. As mentioned in the interview, Omnia believes that the most important part of DJing is being able to connect with your audience. Find the full interview & exclusive mix below :


WhySoChi: “Why did you decide to become a DJ?”

Omnia: “Actually, a few years ago I decided to be a producer. Only after that I became a DJ. When my tracks became popular and guys like Armin (Armin Van Buuren) and Markus (Markus Schulz) started supporting me. People, they know about me and people in the industry were interested to bring me in as a DJ. I am very happy.”

WhySoChi: “We heard that Armin and Markus brought you in on an international level. How did that happen exactly? Explain.”

Omnia: “They were huge supporters for me. Back in 2007-2008, I released my first tracks. They supported them and played them in huge radio shows such as A State of Trance and Global DJ Broadcast, which is how they went international. After that I was signed to Armada Records, which is Armin’s music label. Armin was a big part of my success. I am really thankful for him. We have a good relationship and I often play for A State of Trance parties. This summer I played at Ushuaia, Ibiza. “

WhySoChi: “How did you learn how to DJ?”

Omnia: “I was already well known with music production. For me to become a DJ technically, was really easy. It was much easier then music production. The most important part for DJs now is not to be technically skilled, but it is very important to be really open to the crowd and find contact with the crowd/with your fans. It is all about the experience. You cant start your career as a huge DJ for your first or second show. You have to play 100 shows to start to understand how it works.”

WhySoChi: “Why trance? Why not any other genre?”

Omnia: “Armin truly inspired me in 2004 when I heard A State of Trance for the first time. I was really excited and I said “Wow. This is something I want to do”. Before, I was trying to do some House and Hip-Hop. When I heard trance music, I realized thats something I want to do.”

WhySoChi: “Is trance really big in Ukraine?”

Omnia: “Yeah trance is huge in Ukraine and there are a lot of fans- especially of Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz. We have a lot of trance shows in Ukraine.”

WhySoChi: “What is your all-time favorite track?”

Omnia: “It is hard to say. I don’t know. My favorite in general would be “Wonder Wall” by Oasis, but I can’t pick a specific trance track.”

WhySoChi: “You just toured in China and now in the U.S. What is your favorite show thus far?”

Omnia: “It is hard to say. This year was really crazy with touring. I played in different venues and different events. There were so many nice shows and festivals such as TomorrowLand, South West Four in London, and Canada shows, and Bal en Blanc in Montreal. So its hard to only choose one show. I am excited about this US tour. It is something new for me. Let’s see about tonight, maybe it will be my favorite for this year.”

WhySoChi: “Are you looking to do any festivals in the US next  year?”

Omnia: “Well, I really hope so. My team has a lot of conversations with people from the United States so we are working on that. I can’t say the exact dates, but I am sure it will happen next year.”

WhySoChi: “We would love to see you at some festivals such as MysteryLand.”

Omnia: “I hope I will.”

WhySoChi: “What is next for Omnia? Any new music coming up or collaborations?”

Omnia: “Yes, I have my new vocal track with a vocalist from the United States coming out in December.”


Instagram: @omniamusic


Chicago Frankie Knuckles Tribute [Photo Gallery]


This gallery contains 12 photos.

On Tuesday June 3rd Chicago hosted a Tribute to the late Grandfather of House; Frankie Knuckles. The event took place in front of the “Bean” in downtown Millennium park and was free of charge. It was great to see old … Continue reading

RECAP : Alesso Performance at Aragon Ballroom 11/23

The Swedish – born prominent DJ who tore up the charts with his number one hits , “Years” and ” If I Lose Myself” dominated the spotlight on Saturday, November 23 performing live at Aragon Ballroom.

Thousands of  fans lined up on the street as they anxiously waited for the line to move, trying to stay warm due to Chicago’s notorious weather. I’ve attended several concerts at Aragon since React Presents changed their main venue from Congress to Aragon. Nevertheless Aragon has an intergalactic ceiling that creates an illusion as if you are star gazing at the night sky while you dance away to the music.

Illuminating lights filled the venue as Chicago raised twin duo  Milk N Cookies warmed up the crowd with their electro/ house music.

Luminox followed as the audience cheered as he performed his mix of ” Welcome to the jungle” by Alvaro , ” Cannonball” by Showtrek and Brick Squad Anthem by Mayhem & Anitserum . As well as a remix of 2chains and Drake’s song , ” No Lie ”  , along with his original mixes that shook the walls from the incredible bass that pierced through the stereos.

Finally the time had come for international DJ Alesso as he began the show with his famous hit , ” Years” as the crowd raged to the familiar tune.  You could feel the adrenaline rushing through the venue as everyone lost their selves to the sound of the high energy overpowering the night.  The drops and transitions were smooth and clean as Alesso performed his brand new hit ft Calvin Harris , ” Under Control“. The audience were captured by his melodic music as they smiled and laughed gleefully throughout the whole night until the very last song.  Alesso ended his set with “ If I Lose Myself ” which featured One Republic as the crowd roared for the amazing performance that was held that night.