Headhunterz goes hard with style in Chicago!

Friday May 23rd 8:00 P.M. doors opened at The Concord Music hall. People from all over the Chicago-land area piled in for a night that would start off a great Memorial day weekend. Atmosphere was pretty calm and security made sure to keep a hassle-free entrance that night. Opening acts were Animale and Xposur who warmed up the crowd by playing a majority of deep house music. The night began and music set the tone. Some shuffle/ footwork battles busted out on the dance floor during the opening acts, personally I waited to bring out “the moves” until the main act. Anticipation filled the air as the crowded dance floor waited for the one and only Willem Rebergen, also know as Headhunterz.

I was never a fan of hardstyle until I first witnessed it for myself live back in October 2013, main dj just happened to be Headhunterz. The sound and feel of 150+ BPM changed my perspective on hardstyle forever. His return to Chicago was no disappointment.

Headhunterz started off his set with his very own Dragonborn, very first sign of that kick drum started off the madness. I’m sure pedestrians outside on the corner of Milwaukee and Armitage Avenue felt the intensity that is hardstyle. Ravers jumped, bodies flew, and probably the greatest part, the floor shook non-stop. The only people that kept their energy mellow were the hard-working employees of The Concord Music hall. Those with enough stamina displayed their footwork, their hardcore shuffle, jumped like no other with their jumpstyle, and expressed their fun as they hopped throughout the night. Rebergem threw in some trap music and “turned the crowd into a mosh pit” with his remix of Flosstradamus’ Mosh Pit. I know for a fact some people came out of it a bit bruised and battered. Other songs that many may have recognized were Colors, Never Say Goodbye, and Spaceman. Lasers and strobe lights entertained the visuals as the music stimulated the ears. The energy of the room remained on high from the beginning to the end of Rebergen’s set. Confetti filled the air as he closed his set with his remix of Kaskade’s Lessons in Love.

A big “Thank You!” to Headhunterz from the WhySoChi family and all of Chicago for giving us a show that’s one for the books. Image