DJ Twitter Wars Round 2

Twitter is a great way for fans to stay connected with their favorite artists on a more personal level. Artists connect on there all the time in turn giving hints on collaborations or guest appearances at concerts. But like with all things twitter has a dark side like any other social media network; if anyone goes on a tangent when passionate or heated about something. We saw this with Wolfgang Gartner calling out Martin Solveig about his track selection, Zedd bashed EDC and Pasquale Rotella for calling festival goers “Headliners” and now we have Deadmau5 calling out Afrojack about his comments made a few weeks ago at the EDM Biz conference where Afrojack was one of the closing speakers.

When asked about the rise in the popularity of EDM, Afrojack answered up “There’s no bubble – it’s simple. If you make good music, you succeed; if you don’t, you won’t…” Heres what happened on twitter after.



What do you guys think of all this?

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