Freaky Deaky DJ and Emcee Contest


On September 1st Freaky Deaky announced a contest for Djs and Emcees, where the grand prize is a chance to perform during the 3 day festival. Fan voting ends on October 10, and given that were in the final stretch I think its appropriate to remind everyone to check out the local talent competing and cast your final votes.

To check out all of the contest applicants and to cast your vote follow the >>>>LINK<<<<


Freaky Deaky Daily Lineups

August 24, 2016  —  FREAKY DEAKY – The Largest Halloween Event in the Midwest – is thrilled to announce the daily artist lineup and release single day tickets for its eighth anniversary! Single day tickets start at $59 while 3-day passes remain reasonably priced at $169 before fees. Layaway options are also available. Get your tickets now at before prices go up.

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Freaky Deaky 2015 [Recap]


React Presents’ Halloween party Freaky Deaky has been growing steadily since its inception years ago. The former one day, then two day event has blossomed to a full 3 day Halloween themed music festival this year and with that expansion come new challenges and exciting opportunities.  The location for the festival would be Bridgeview’s Toyota Park, Home of the Chicago Fire, whose season wrapped up only a few weeks prior.

Located 12 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago, Freaky Deaky was not far from the city in terms of distance, but that doesn’t mean it was easy to get to it by car, especially Friday.  Harlem and Cumberland/1st Ave were jam packed due to ongoing construction. Parking also seemed to be unorganized on our way in Friday.  I’m glad to report this was not an issue the rest of the weekend and leaving was an absolute breeze all 3 nights, which was nice when trying to get to the after parties.

The lineup was mainstream EDM heavy, sprinkled with some Hip/Hop and one stage (The Crypt) acting as the curated stage all weekend long to provide variety. Friday it hosted the Trance Arena, Saturday Beatport took over and Sunday Underground artists filled out the roster. This brought out different crowds each day. The stage was set in the middle of the other two (The Big Top and Shrine) and was significantly smaller, but that made the inside a nice spot to warm up as the temperatures were in the 40’s at night.


For the first time in a long while I felt like most of the artists I chose to see threw down great sets. Each of my top 5 acts to see (follow the link for the post HERE) lived up to my expectations if not blew them away, especially Bassnectar and Benny Benassi. Though I’m not a huge fan of Bassnectar at festivals because his sound is never set up right, it’s like listening to music being recorded on a phone too close to a speaker. At Freaky Deaky his sound was more balanced and therefore made his set enjoyable.  Benny Benassi blew everyone away not only with his lasers and boy was there lasers, but also his mix of old and new that got everyone in the mood.

React should really be commended for their production efforts at Freaky Deaky. The stages we’re all unique but matched the Halloween theme, pillars with statues in the center of the festival grounds would shoot out flames to the pleasure of attendees seeking heat, flame poi spinning performers turned open spaces into their stages. React also had numerous performers and dancers walking around the festival dressed up from clowns, to circus fold to even sexy Disney character (I saw you Maleficent). A few carnival rides were available for those brave enough to endure the weather conditions, the plethora of food options (all tasty by the way) were waiting for your order when you got hungry, carnival games were on hand for a change of page (I’m not so great at throwing darts) and there were NEVER lines to the port-a-potties.

5 Must See Acts at Freaky Deaky


As Freaky Deaky, draws near, I figured it would be a good time to share my Top 5 Must See Artists for this weekend. Please note my musical taste is not the same as yours, so don’t be mad if your favorite did not make the list.

5. Bassnesctar

bassnectar - freaky deakyOMG! I know, why isn’t the bass-god himself #1?!?!? Well that’s easy for me. After seeing Bassnectar 3 times (Electric Forest 2012,2015 / NorthCoast 2014) he never lived up to not only the HYPE (and boy there is hype) and to the quality of any of his actual albums. I love the last two albums he released but I never had the same feeling when seeing him perform.  If you’re not at Markus Schulz on Friday Night, I can guarantee you’ll be at Bassnectar. #Hype

4. Benny Benassi

benny benassi - freaky deaky

The last time I saw Benny was on the first night of Spring Awakening 2012 when his set was cut short due to incoming rain and the fact that Skrillex still needed to take the stage. Quite easily his set was one of the best of the entire festival. With large arsenal of heavy hitting original tracks and years of songs to pull from his repertoire, Benny always brings it and makes himself relevant to any crowd. If you want a good show from an “old” DJ that will surprise you check out Benny on Saturday at the Big Top, unless you prefer to see Riff Raff of course.

3. Griz

griz - freaky deaky

Griz, Gramatik and Big Gigantic hit my ear drums roughly around the same time, but over the years Griz has stood out. Not too soft and not too had, Griz blends his sax play with funky beats to perfection. His sets always feel like a party and by the time it’s over you want more. You lose your perception of time as you dance and that’s exactly what you want to do in music.

2. Dubfire

dubfire - freaky deaky

As half of the Grammy Award winning duo Deep Dish, Dubfire has achieved quick success while perusing his own electronic journey focusing on dark techno. If you wear black, nothing but black and listen to techno, this one is a no brain-er. As the  set up man to Richie Hawtin at The Crypt (Underground Stage) on Sunday, you can expect an older calmer, but very enthusiastic crowd that knows their stuff.

1. Armin Van Buuren

armin van buuren - freaky deaky

Ever since Armin Van Buuren cancelled his Armin Intense tour stop at the United Center  last April (2014) due to the unfortunate passing of his father-in-law, Chicago’s Trance Family has been waiting on his return. React has been incorporating more Trance artists in their festivals this year with curated stages, shows  and of course the booking of Armin as a headliner; which definitely fills the Trance Family Hearts with love. If you were ever curious about trance or just want to see one of the longest tenured and top DJs