Feed Me at the Aragon- 8/23/14 [Recap]

         feed_me_psychedelic_flier_frontwebSo I’ll start this off by saying I got tickets to this show for free, that alone kinda made me think twice about going. I had heard of Feed Me before, heard some of his tracks and thought it was decent, but not enough for me to pay to see him. So granted, free show, lets see how he is live. The Aragon for the first time that I’ve seen wasn’t packed for a dance show, which was odd and I understood why people were giving out free tickets. Needless to say the acts leading up to Feed Me were mediocre, I was basically counting down the minutes until Feed Me was on. The minute the curtain dropped to reveal Feed Me’s stage set up, which were giant LED teeth shaped screens, I was absolutely amazed. This man is a UK Duster genius, completely blew me away, by far one of the best shows I’ve been to in a few years. The vibe was great, the track selection was on point, all in all Feed Me should have been a sold out show. I definitely recommend ANYONE if you have the opportunity to attend a Feed Me show, you wont regret it.

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