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The Show Must Go On

On Thursday May 9th Erineo “Eddie” Carranza once again was given the “all’s clear” to continue operating the 87 year old concert venue Congress Theater. During the court appearance, which lasted less than five minutes, attorneys for the city and Carranza updated Judge James McGing on building renovations, including the removal of obstructions from passageways in the corridors and installation of back-up lighting on the upper floors. Another inspection was scheduled for May 22, with another court date the following day.

Information taken from a blog post by Jim Derogatis on WBEZ91.5’s blog located HERE.

Carranza’s next inspection is May 22nd with a court date is scheduled for the following day. Carranza’s attorney hopes for a quick hearing due to only “minor” repairs needed to be completed  so the venue could reopen its top level and be at max capacity 5000 (one of the larger concert venues in Chicago).

This is just one battle Carranza and his team are fighting as he’s also facing the possibility of losing his liquor license in deleterious impact/public nuisance hearings. Not to mention the lawsuit (now settled) with his bank.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as much as I like going to Congress for shows I feel a change of ownership would be good not only for its image but for the long term safety and security at future EDM events.