Borgore @ Concord Music Hall 2-7-15 [Recap]

borgore - the buygore show tourIf all the hype on the internet wasn’t enough proof that Borgore’s stop in Chicago for his Buygore Show Tour was going to be at a packed Concord Music Hall, then the line halfway down the block of half- naked barely 18 year olds definitely gave it away.  It’s been clear from the start that Borgore is not a role model in any shape or form. His behavior on social media also promotes behavior that I’ll never partake in BUT I do like his sound, especially his #NEWGOREORDER Album, which meant I was not going to miss this show.

The opening set of the show was Sikdope, but he was everything but sick or dope. Unfortunately to me this was a very stereotypical trap set, which made it very forgettable. I can’t even tell you one song he played and that’s fine with me. You can like Sikdope if you want, after this set I’m fine not being one.

Jauz was up second and was a very pleasant surprise. He opened up with new music, which is always fun in my opinion. Though I’ve never heard of him before he definitely won me over and I am a fan. His sound can be best described as similar to Destructo who I like a lot. Jauz had good energy which made the place come alive. Check out the clip below of his opening song, I bet you’ll be hooked on him if you haven’t been already.

Ookay was in town not too long ago at a Trinium Events show at Mojoes so it wasn’t surprising to see so many people get excited that he was part of this show. I took this chance to see what all the hype was about. He had some bright spots like his transition for “Tuesday” to “If You Like Pina Coladas” which blew my mind, mainly for the fact that he knew the track and that it worked. Ookay maintained the energy that Jauz created and definitely made the place feel like a college party, especially when he took sips form a bottle while on stage. Eventually the college party was interrupted by Officer Gore who Okay introduced.

When Borgore came on stage to an oversold Concord Music Hall that went absolutely nuts from start to finish. Borgore did exactly what I hoped, he mixed in some new songs, a lot of his #NEWGOREORDER tracks and even Nero’s “Promises” Remix by Skrillex. Most of the set exceeded my expectations but that didn’t come without typical Borgore antics that fed the ratchets, like dancing on the stripper pole. He dropped his “Space Kitten Invasion” which did not change my opinion of the song being a filler at best. It did not work and I highly doubt it will work the next time he drops it.


The show was good, and exemplified the fact that you cannot allow the crowd that artists attract to keep you from attending shows you want to see. I paid no attention to anyone besides my Squad and I had a great time. I can honestly say that trap is slowly starting to grow on me. But don’t worry it’s still on the bottom of my favorites list, but I’m starting to slowly appreciate specific sets and artist.


Borgore – The Buygore Album Review [2/4]

Buygore Album

Just 6 short months after releasing #NewGoreOrder, Borgore releases the Buygore Album. Releasing the album on January 13, Borgore attempts to generate even more hype for The Buygore Show Tour which starts just two days later in Orlando, Florida. Borgore is making a his Chicago tour stop on Saturday February 7th to a sold out show at Concord Music Hall. Dotcom, Riggi & Piros and Sikdope join Borgore in select cities on tour as supporting acts. The album itself includes collaborations with all tour mates as well as other artists including Ookay.

borgore - the buygore show tourThe Buygore Album is sure to please the most hardcore and ratchet of Borgore fans, but will certainly let down the casual fan, like me, who needed a bit convincing to buy what he is selling. This short 8 track album has everything you would expect: the raunchy lyrics, R rated themes, ridiculously weird sounds, some trap and of course Borgore singing.

The opening song “Blow Your Mind” (feat Borgore) is as good as trap gets, at least for me. With Ookay behind the song it’s sure to please the trap lovers, and warns the audience that this is not in fact the #NEWGOREORDER Borgore we came to love but yet another reincarnation. The absolute gem of the album is “Set Free” (feat. Yael), her voice takes the track to level no amount of bass or dirt can do to any other of Borgore’s tracks. She was also featured in one song on #NEWGOREORDER and I doubt this is the last well see of her.  “Cant Squad with us” is the most dubstep song of the album and is sure to start a new hash tag trend on twitter. Borgore provides the calm yet dissing lyrics to all his haters while the filthy drop pleases the ears of any Borgore/dubstep fan.  “Nope” feat Shay Gray gives you a heavy dose of hip hop influence with a good beat so it definitely grows on you.

Why_So_Chi_neon_review 2

“Lindsay Lohan” feat. Juaz has a good steady beat and deserves credible mention, but unfortunately its boring and mundane. It’s a house song that never was. It is but it isn’t and that’s why it’s neither good or bad, it’s just there to take up space.

The line is drawn with “Dolphin Attack” and “Space Kitten Invasion”. “Dolphin Attack” at least structurally makes some sense while “Space Kitten Invasion” is just way out there. I have no clue how this song will work itself into any of his set but I guess we’ll have to find out on Saturday night.

My final collusion is that I miss the #NewGoreOrder Borgore. Maybe it was a more mainstream sound but I didn’t feel awkward listening to it. I already went from liking a select few of his old tracks to loving #NewGoreOrder giving it 4 out of 4 stars, but I cannot give this average album more than an average 2 out of 4. Here’s hoping Borgore blows my mind at Concord Music Hall.