EmazingLights – Brian Lim Chicago Visit [ Interview]

Brian Lim Press Photo

EmazingLights LLC, is a California-based retail company founded in 2010 by CEO Brian Lim. It is best known for its LED Gloves used for gloving at raves and music festivals. Its sister company, iHeartRaves, is the go to place for all festival attire.

If you have attended any major US EDM event over the past few years, there is no denying that you have seen the two brands’  merchandise everywhere. From gloves, to tutus, and everything in between, the two brands have you covered. Brian Lim, the entrepreneur behind both household names, visited Chicago over the April 15th weekend to see what Chicago has to offer.  On Friday night Brian partied at Sound-Bar with the owners of RaveHau5, Chicago’s brick and mortar store that carries both of his brands.

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