Steve Aoki – Neon Future I Review [2.5/4]

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Aoki’s new album Neon Future I was a less anticipated album of the few coming out around the same time. Obviously listeners didn’t know what to expect since Aoki hasn’t been at the top of the charts for a while. Aoki compiled tracks with many unexpected vocalists and artists such as, Waka Flocka, Fall Out Boy, Flux Pavilion, and Chris Lake. My personal favorite track, “Neon Future” , features Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun. All of these songs are more party themed and are very catchy. I give it 3/4!


“Back to Earth,” which features Fall Out Boy is an interesting twist to the whole album and even the EDM scene.  Waka Flocka and Kid Ink rap over the albums two catchiest tracks to me, “Rage the Night Away” and “Delirious.” So from Pete Wentz to Flocka this album basically breaks all barriers. Aoki proved that EDM is so much more than some catchy beats, a loud bass, and random vocals. Overall this is not a super catchy album I’ll see myself listening to but, I will give him credit for trying something new. Neon Future I receives a solid 2 out of 4 from me.

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I’ve always liked Steve Aoki, his music is always on point and his shows are full of energy. Even though I don’t see how throwing cakes or riding a blown up water raft is relevant to the music. Regardless Neon Future I is a solid album. The 4 singles released to build hype for the album ( Rage The Night Away, Delirious, Free The Madness, Get me Outta Here) are definitely hits even though by now they have been overplayed, “Back to Earth” which features Fall Out Boy is a pleasant surprise on the album. It continues with Aoki’s trend of working with non EDM artists. The album is exactly what you expect of Aoki  with a futuristic theme. That being said the album is good not great. I give it 3 out of 4 stars.


Neon Future I, is the mainstream edm scene at its finest. This album lacks creativity and sounds like a typical Aoki track. The album shows that he’s putting too much effort caking fans and not enough effort trying to make good music. No song on the album struck me as a edm music fan; therefore, I’m giving “Neon Future I” a 1 out of 4 stars for being totally predictable.



Aokify America Tour

Aoki’s Aokify America Tour, which started October 4th in Chicago, is bringing crowds of people in to get CAKED! We made sure to attend the opening of the tour and we were definately not dissapointed. First of all, Chicago had four artists that night… Borgore, Aoki, Pharrell and Waka Flocka. All four performed & the crowd looked like they enjoyed the great music. Second, Aoki had a meet and greet for those who bought VIP tickets. (We did, of course. Check out our pictures below). Everyone received an Aoki branded bag, a t-shirt, two lip balms, and a bandana. Then, we got to meet the one and only Steve Aoki and take a picture with him. It was super exctiting for everyone, not to mention that he is a really cool guy. And last but not least, the CAKES!! Chicago got not one, not two, not three, but SEVEN (yes, seven) CAKES… Can you say insane?? Aoki also took out his blow up raft/boat and was riding on it in the crowd. Overall, if you missed this event then you missed out! It was a blast and everyone put on an amazing show. We <3 us some Aoki.


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