SAMF Ticket Sale + Phase 1 of Lineup


 At midnight the long anticipated lineup information and ticket sale for Spring Awakening Music Festival became a reality. Thus far the lineup isn’t something that gets me jumping out of my seat but given the amount of EDM festivals in Chicago this year that does not surprise me. Artists wouldn’t be able to play each festival in the same city either due to scheduling constraints to also clauses in contract deals due to rival promoters. Some favorites from last year come back, with some fresh faces that did pass on a tour through our Windy City in the past 12 months, along with some favorite local talent.  After some basic math you are quick to realize this is not the full lineup as no third headliner has yet been announced. Buzz around the internet have mentioned Avicii as a potential third headliner. Check out the full Phase 1 of the lineup below. To get your tickets which will run you $145 before all fees are added follow this link to the clubtix website. Get your Spring Awakening Tickets here.


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