No more Ultra? – Ultra 2014 News

“I think we should NOT have Ultra next year here,” Regalado told the Miami Herald on Saturday. “This incident should never have happened.”

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado has told multiple  media sources that he no longer wants to have Ultra Music Festival in Miami after this years incident.

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Erica Mack, a security guard at Ultra Music Festival, remains hospitalized after getting trampled by a crowd of people trying to enter the fest without paying (jumping the fence). Although jumping the fence happens at a lot of events, this time the incident could have been fatal. Erica Mack suffered severe brain hemorrhaging, was seen to be bleeding out of her ears at the scene, and has a broken leg. We must say that we are very dissapointed and hope that Erica Mack has a speedy recovery. Because of those people who thought they could get into the festival without paying, we might no longer have Ultra. Was it worth it?? I dont think so. The scene is not about hurting others and jumping fences. If you think this kind of behavior is acceptable, you might want to change your taste in music. You can read more about this HERE.

Heres a picture of some more of the craziness at Ultra 2014. This is really giving the EDM scene a bad reputation.


Let’s just remind ourselves of what PLUR stands for…
P – Peace
L – Love
U – Unity

Don’t be shy, Just stay Chi! Stay classy rave family…


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