Krewella No More?

I never fully bought in into the whole Krewella spell. After a few hit singles, it was clear their music wasn’t my cup of tea. Having ex-pop-goes-punk fan-kids headbanging at shows to their music was never going to sit right with me. However, I would be foolish not to give this Chicago Based EDM Band credit for helping put Chicago in the minds of young EDM enthusiasts all over the country – if not the globe. Their storybook road to fame and stardom is a good one, but with now a few legal hiccups along the way.

Taken from

Taken from

This is not the first lawsuit that the group has had to overcome. The only difference is that after the dust settles, Krewella as we know it might not be Krewella anymore. It will just be a sister act.

To summarize the lawsuit (INCLUDED BELOW, taken from

Between March 2012 and March of 2013, during a very busy touring schedule (140 shows), Kris Trindle aka Rainman handled the pressures of the spotlight and group pressure to tour by turning to the bottle. After seeking treatment for alcoholism in a 30 day rehab program, he optimistically rejoined the group only to have Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf try to have an intervention for the new “depressed” Rainman. Rainman claims he is not depressed but just not partying anymore as he is trying to stay sober. One very specific accusation in the lawsuit is that Rainman believes he is being pushed out of the group because the Yousaf sisters feel they can find someone else to produce their music for cheaper than the going rate 1/3 of their income, which has always been split evenly among the band members.

This is only a piece of the pie. Feel free to read the entire 18 page document below for all of the legal details.

Deadmau5 has made it obvious that he has chosen a side by voicing his opinion on twitter.  His choice might be affected by the fact that that his legal team is defending Rainman.



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