Flosstradamus @ The Aragon Ballroom 12-26-14 [Recap]

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The major duo of Josh “J2K” Young and Curt “Autobot” Cameruci were clearly a must see as they made a stop in their hometown of Chicago during their HDYNation Tour. The anticipation grew so large for Floss; who can be best remembered for their legendary parties at the Boystown dive bar Town Hall Pub, it was no surprise that the whole Aragon Ballroom venue was sold out. The crowd brought an interesting mixture of both EDM and hip hop lovers.Floss 12-26-14  (2) logo

GTA warmed up the crowd right before Floss came on to destroy. After seeing GTA this past summer at Electric Forest my expectations were definitely set high. GTA rocked the crowd playing the perfect mixture of trap and house. GTA clearly set the right mood for Flosstradamus to come on stage.

Floss 12-26-14  (1) logo

Floss opened with a bang and blue smoke which soon revealed their gigantic stage that stood high with the HDY Nation flagged dropped down from the top of it. Josh “J2K” Young popped out with his HDY Nation flag and commanded all the HDY grlz and HDY boyz to raise the Floss symbol in the air. When “Original Don” came on everyone went insane, after all it was the song that started it all for Floss.Floss 12-26-14  (3) logo

Floss threw it down dropping hit’s like “Roll Up”, “Coco”, “Climax”, “Stoner”, “Pillz”, and of course “Mosh Pit.” Floss took immediate crowd control commanding the 5,000 people in the crowd to take out their lighters and phones while all the lights were shut down. Simultaneously the crowd swayed side to side as the music slowed down. The show was overall great, but I do admit I had bigger expectations for Floss going harder considering Chicago is their hometown. Looking back to seeing Flosstradamus almost two years ago, this show can be considered just a bit disappointing.

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