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EmazingLights LLC, is a California-based retail company founded in 2010 by CEO Brian Lim. It is best known for its LED Gloves used for gloving at raves and music festivals. Its sister company, iHeartRaves, is the go to place for all festival attire.

If you have attended any major US EDM event over the past few years, there is no denying that you have seen the two brands’  merchandise everywhere. From gloves, to tutus, and everything in between, the two brands have you covered. Brian Lim, the entrepreneur behind both household names, visited Chicago over the April 15th weekend to see what Chicago has to offer.  On Friday night Brian partied at Sound-Bar with the owners of RaveHau5, Chicago’s brick and mortar store that carries both of his brands.

On Saturday April 16th,  RaveHau5 threw their largest gloving event to date, EmazingLights Chicago BOSS: Chicago Gauntlet. The after part was held at the Tree of Joliet (former Mojoes). Naturally, Brian attended. Check out pictures from the event via this LINK. We had a chance to catch up with Brian Lim after his 2 days in Chicago. Though he was not able to answer all of our interview questions, we appreciate the time he spent with us.

Read the Interview below:

1)     Based on your experience in Chicago the last two days, what is your opinion of the Chicago gloving community?
The scene is growing tremendously and the talent levels are insane. I love seeing gloving from different regions as they all have different styles influenced by different artist.

2)     With SFX going through bankruptcy and TomorrowWorld being cancelled, many news outlets are predicting an “EDM Bubble” burst on the horizon. Your thoughts?
You can’t buy your way into this industry and not have the passion and understanding behind what the EDM scene stands for in the US. There are plenty of great companies that were bought by SFX and it’s sad to see them suffer. I love how EDM has so many different types of sounds and is constantly evolving to capture and retain new audiences.

3)     That being said, what are the biggest challenges that the EmazingLights and iHeartRaves brands face in the near future?
EmazingLights faces a constant battle against a negative drug stigma because it originated from the rave scene. That is why our mission has been to legitimize the art and sport of gloving over the past 6 years.

4)     Why did you decide to open iHeartRaves?
Because the first question is: Am I going to EDC? and then the immediate follow up question is what am I going to wear? My rave fam went through this constantly and I wanted to provide a much better service to help with self-expression at EDM shows.

5)     What does gloving mean to Brian Lim?
It’s a beautiful 1 on 1 art form that allows the glover to express his/her creativity as their hands are the paintbrush and their imagination is the canvas. 

6)     You have been quoted saying that gloving is an art. How is it an art?
Get a 1 on 1 gloving light show from anyone who has practiced the art for more than 1 month and you’ll see.


Be sure to check out EmazingLights and iHeartRaves online and on their social media:

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