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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Electric Forest in Rothbury Michigan, is in my opinion the best music festival in the Midwest. The difference maker is its Sherwood Forest which is transformed into a magical place anyone could get lost in for hours exploring all it has to offer. That being said if you DON’T believe me check out my review of Electric Forest From 2012 HERE and some pictures HERE. That being said here are a few tips to make your Electric Forest experience that much better.

1. Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into – This pertains almost specifically to the music Electric Forest features ad the crowd it attracts. Note that this is not Spring Awakening or EDC. This is not an EDM  only type of festival so you will see a more diverse crowd and more diverse music selection. This includes but is not limited to jam bands, ska bands, some hip hop acts and all types of EDM. Because of This people from far and wide and form all walks of life show up. Be ready to see anything from hippies in their 40’s+ to young ragers.

2. Be Prepared –  For anything. Last year the area had record heat waves which threw everyone off including me. This resulted in very uncomfortable sweaty nights and a bad sunburn. That being said come prepared for any type of weather. Also be sure to bring any food or hygiene necessities you will need. There will be a store and showers available but I doubt anyone wants to pay $10 for a 12 pack of coke or $10 for a shower each day. Id highly recommend getting a camping shower to at least get that top layer of dust and seat off each day. The more food and beverages you bring with you the less you’ll spend at the store on things you NEED and you’ll have more on the things you want to get as souvenirs.

3. Be Respectful – Which  ties in with point number one; because this is such a diverse crowd you must realize that not everyone is there to party till the sun comes up. If your neighbors aren’t into that please be respectful and party somewhere else. Everyone there is trying to enjoy themselves in one way or another and no one should be there to kill anyone’s vibe.

4. Explore – Sherwood Forest and beyond. The festival is know for having artists put together impromptu performances throughout the grounds. Add to that all of the already scheduled performers and art displays and you’ll have plenty to do in between enjoying your favorite artists or walking form stage to stage.

5. Smile – You are truly at a great festival where there is no doubt you’ll make great memories and some new friends. enjoy your small get away from troubles of daily life as music and good vibes from 50k other souls fills the air.

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