EDM Festivals on Tour


So Ultra 2013 has come and gone and we all survived Easter weekend with our families. In that time the people behind TomorrowLand which takes place in Boom, Belgium announced that their first ever TomorrowWorld Festival will also be happening this year for the first time outside of Europe. Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, GA will host the first ever festival in North America (I say this as organizers said they’d be open to have a TomorrowLand style festival one each continent). Watch the preview movie below to get your juices flowing.

US tickets went on sale today, so if you missed the pre sale and still plan on going don’t forget to PRE REGISTER HERE to receive your code via email. Worldwide ticket sales are open on May 4th.

All these festivals spreading to different locations bring up a good conversation topic

Would you still visit the original location of a music festival even though it has traveled closer to you? I’d answer YES! I would. A perfect example is EDC. Even though I plan to attend this years FIRST EDC Chicago, I’m still planning to visit Vegas in the  next few years. I’ve always felt that the location of each festival contributes greatly to the festival experience maybe even more so than the musical acts. What do you think?

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