Jack Ü – Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü Review [4/4]

After months of non-stop hype I believe I do not need to introduce this out of this world duo! Diplo and Skrillex have finally released the Jack Ü album on February 27th, a collaborative we have waited a year on since their debut in Ultra Miami in 2014. Well the wait is officially over. But the question now is: Did the Jack Ü album live up to the hype? For me it most definitely did, but to my surprise many are greatly disappointed. Let’s face it Diplo and Skrillex are crazy, so it’s no surprise that their album is all over the place. I believe that this was Jack Ü’s purpose, to go all out in their mission to bring upon a new face of sound into EDM. The album offers something for everyone, from influences from Major Lazer’s Jamaican vibe, to the fast-paced drops of Jungle Bae, Beats Knockin, robotic sounding Holla Out, or Keisza’s hit Take U. And of course how can we forget “Yeah, I’m the shit, I should have Febreze on it!”…. well I can’t really say what the targeted audience was for this song. My personal favorite song on the album is Mind which features Kai. Sonny Moore’s vocals in this song blew my mind and have me playing this song on constant replay. Whether you like the album or not, everyone has to admit that it did bring back Missy Eliot and Justin Bieber from the dead. I mean come on if you can make a Justin Bieber song bearable, even maybe enjoyable you got to have some kind of talent?Jack U

The tracklist features:

01 “Don’t Do Drugs Just Take Some…”

02 “Beats Knockin” (Feat. Fly Boi Keno)

03 “Take Ü There” (Feat. Kiesza)

04 “Febreze” (Feat. 2 Chainz)

05 “To Ü” (Feat. AlunaGeorge)

06 “Jungle Bae” (Feat. Bunji Garlin)

07 “Mind” (Feat. Kai)

08 “Holla Out” (Feat. Snails & Taranchyla)

09 “Where Are Ü Now” (Feat. Justin Bieber)

10 “Take Ü There” (Feat. Kiesza) [Missy Elliott Remix]


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