TomorrowWorld 2014, Mario U’s Review!!

So, let me give a bit of a background on myself, I dj, currently learning to produce dance music, and I’m also part of a up and coming Dj duo FinalSound. So I have a bit of a background in the scene, I’ve attended numerous undergrounds, after hours, and festivals over the past 7 years with that said I’d now like to discuss the festival of TomorrowWorld.

We arrived in Chattahoochee on Thursday the day of the Gathering around 2 in the afternoon, We got our stuff out of our vehicle and dragged it to the entrance which was about maybe a good 900 ft away. The line to enter Dreamville was ridiculous, obviously we were not the only ones in line but it literally took us about 2 hours to reach the search point where security checks your camping gear and whatnot. There were K-9 units there for narcotic searches but truth be told the dogs seemed less interested in the people and more interested in staying in the shade. Once we got to our campsite which is decided by basically falling into a spot after the person in front of you we set up camp, fortunately for us we followed the rules and our group entered together so we could all camp right next to each other. Our neighbors were from Vegas, Canada, New Jersey, Mexico, the UK there were people from all over the world. This is one of the key components to this festival, the camping experience, I personally believe no other festival can replicate your camping experience like TomorrowWorld.

The following 3 days consisted of nothing but pure bliss, the stages all of them were mind blowing. The amount of detail and effort that went into each stage is mind blowing, I have never seen production such as this. The line up was just as amazing I saw Laidback Luke, Dannic, Deorro, Dimitris Vegas & Like Mike, BlasterJaxxx, Bassjackers, the list goes on forever. By far the most diverse line up the states has ever seen. This festival in my opinion takes the cake for all camping festivals, any festival for that matter. Security was great, prices were decent, showers were awesome, the vibes were amazing. I highly recommend anyone to go to this festival, it is something you will talk about until it comes again the following year. Mad props to ID&T for throwing such an amazing festival here in the states, youll catch me there next year, thats for sure!!

Mario U