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Kings Of Class

Kings of Class:                 Bobby De Maria & Tsunami

It was truly an honor to interview the members of Kings of Class, Tsunami and Bobby De Maria. This DJ/Producing, clothing line and entertainment company owning duo from Chicago *deep breath* is seriously the ones to look out for. Please checkout their new and hottest remix of Kaskade’s “Ain’t Gotta Lie.” This deep house track will definitely be on my summer favorites track list. Below this interview I posted all the links you need to learn more about Kings of Class. Hope you enjoy this interview, I without a doubt did!


What is the meaning behind the name Kings of Class?

The name is kind of an irony in itself. Based on our past track record of basically just being like party boys. Some might say, we are the opposite of classy. This was more towards our younger age, not so much now.

What are some of your influences?

We’re both into Dance and House Music before this whole EDM bubble popped. Bobby: One of Erik’s favorite groups that he turned me on to and one the first electronic shows I ever saw, that changed everything for me was Crystal Method. As far as our influences now go, we are more towards Underground Tech House and Deep House, this is what we are playing more at these shows. Guys like Mark Knight and Alex Kenji are pretty big influences.


What do you think of Spring Awakening Music Fest (Chicago)?

It was great, we were supposed to play Sunday but we got pushed up to play Saturday. We performed on The Club House Strobe and the Dirty Bird Stage. Just seeing our name on the big LED sign, it was great! The rest of the night was cool, we had a chance to play at Concord with Ardie and Sander Van Doorn. It was really a fun show.


What advise would you give to upcoming DJs/Producers?

 Making your own stuff and putting your own spin to things, you have to make your own tunes. Do anything that will set you apart from the 9 million other people doing this. We still learn as we go, especially through of trial and error. Never think as a DJ that you don’t have to promote yourself  your music and shows.  You always have to network. Promoting yourself and others around you is important because, especially with this social media bubble, is that everyone is promoting and supporting everybody to maximize your reach. You can’t be in it just for yourself. You can’t be selfish and bigheaded, you have to work as a team. You have to emerge yourself, work on  your music at least a couple hours a day. It is easy to lose focus, treat it as a job.  The party doesn’t have to stop, it just has to become smart. 


What is House Music Saved My Life?

House Music Saved My Life  was  created by a national entertainment company called United2Nite. United2Nite creates, produces, and funds dance music shows. The conceptual idea behind the sessions is to bring out of the ordinary house music parties to venues across the country. Three months ago we decided to turn the company more towards non-for-profit in hopes that we can have a more literal meaning and get house music to “save some lives.” We pledged to raise money for the charity during the course of the year. All the money we make at the events will be donating to the cause. 

**Event dates for House Music Saved My Life are posted below this interview**

What do you think about the EDM scene at the moment?

Its blown up bigger than its ever been in the US ever. EDM is a lot more mainstream, everyone likes it, therefore a lot more opportunities popping up. We are sitting in an especially awesome position because people are going to being to get into the underground sound, which is like the tech house and Chicago house. They want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

What’s your favorite set?

As Kings of Class, we played in New Orleans last summer (2013), it was one of those outrageous road trips. That night before we left for New Orleans, we were fortunate enough to play on the main stage in Castle( in Chicago) for the Lollapalooza After Party! The whole weekend was outrageous. The club in New Orleans we played at was open until 8am and our set didn’t start until 5am, it was complete chaos!(In a good way) People kept coming in, it was a great time.


Upcoming Event: Kings of Class @ Evil Olive in Chicago, IL Monday, July 21 @11:00P

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KingsOfClass

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kingsofclass

NEW MIX WITH FREE DOWNLOAD!: https://soundcloud.com/kingsofclass/kaskade-feat-decarl-aint-gotta

House Music Saved My Life: http://www.housemusicsavedmylife.com


Upcoming Events!


Interview by: Rooty_V

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Borgore – #NEWGOREORDER Review [3/4]


“Dirty lyrics and dirty beats is the basis for the #NEWGOREORDER according to Asaf Borger, professionally known as Borgore. This album is home to the no-holds-barred raunchy lyrics and unique sounds he perfected by mixing trap, dubstep, and big room house. Featured guests, vocalists and producers, include Malcolm McDowell, Dan Farber, Adi Ulmansky, Miley Cyrus, Jake Sgarlato, and Yael.

The album starts off with its title track “#NEWGOREORDER”, lyrics by Malcolm McDowell-the actor from A Clockwork Orange- in a series of hypothetical’s including, but not limited to, imagining a world where people look like their profile pictures, having no questions because we have ALL the answers, and as perfect as a certain female’s breasts (shout out Kate Upton). Borgore could not resist doing big room house and did not disappoint with tracks such as “Hate”, “Be Ourselves”, and personal favorite “Piñata”. Tracks like “Syrup”, “Last Year”, and “Fame” showcase those Borgore-esque lyrics all his fans love him dearly for. Borgore’s #NEWGOREORDER is an exclamation of his renowned lyrics, drops, and bass. The album deserves 4 out of 4 stars”.


“Borgore has grown on me over the years since I first heard Borgore Ruined Dubstep in 2010, with my favorite track being “Nympho”. His R rated lyrical themes and dirty beats instantly created a style of dubstep no one ever heard before.  This though didn’t sit well with everyone including me, but it did create a very supportive fan base of borewhores.  Over the years as his releases became more “mainstream” with “Decisions” being an instant hit. Though he always stayed true to his style, Borgore expanded his scope of work in #NewGoreOrder  where there is an evident influence of trap and big room house. His Lyrics are still funny and controversial and his beats very cleanly produced but still dirty. The album is everything good about Borgore amplified; I’m playing the album on repeat. Stop reading and go listen. [4/4]”


Why_So_Chi_neon_review 2

“Well I sure did not have to make any hard “Decision’s” figuring out how much I loved Borgore’s new album “#NEWGOREORDER”!  Borgore takes raunchy rhymes, and “Ratchets” to a whole new level. Borgore was able to perfectly touch trap,  dubstep, and even big room house, all into one phenomenal album. Borgore greatly differentiates himself from other EDM artists, and that is something we seem to be lacking more and more in our scene. The roaring sound of Borgore’s new production is sure to remain ringing in our ears for quite some time! I’d give more if I could but Borgore definitely receives  4 out of 4 stars from me! It’s clear that Borgore has everyone clapping their hands (or other parts of their body), loving cake, wanting it all, and hash tagging #bootyforborgore.  “#NEWGOREORDER” says to continue on with the madness!”


“After listening to Borgore’s new album #newgoreorder and I have to say by far this is the worst album I have ever heard. This is the reason why the word ‘brostep’ exists, I tried to come into reviewing this album with an open mind but I would have rather listened to a Miley Cyrus rap song. Oh wait, she’s on this album too. Borgore’s attempt at rapping on this album was as good as being Brazilian in this year’s World Cup against Germany. Yes, in my opinion, this album was THAT bad. But I can’t blame Borgore, it was the record label that let this through. To each his own, from my understanding his fan base is a bunch of horny teenagers, at least someone likes him. 0 out of 4 stars”.


“#NEWGOREORDER is one of the best albums that I have heard this year. Although I have already been a fan of Borgore’s, this album made me like him so much more. “Decisions”, “Body and Soul”, and “Last Year” are my personal favorites because they are very different. Borgore stepped away from the mainstream beats and added vocals (including his own rapping) to create very catchy dirty tracks. I will be keeping an eye out and hoping that Borgore will grace us with his presence in Chicago.. This album deserves  4 out of 4″.



Just Stay Chi! Weekly Clubbing Preview 28 (2014)

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Tuesday 7/15/2014

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Thursday 7/17/2014

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