Their Feud Continues

Deadmau5 and Afrojack continue their feud but this time over soundclound allowing their “new tracks” to do the talking about their what is “good” music argument. This is in addition to a earlier reported post follow link HERE to see that post.

Long story short after Deadmau5 criticized Afrojack about his comment that good music could have a “formula”, Afrojack released a song on soundcloud titled “something_” which is a jab ad Mau5 and his hipster style of naming his songs. When you listen to the tack you can tell it mimics Mau5’s style.

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Deadmau5 replied by posting a song that he feel falls into a very typical formula of not only what Afrojack produces but what he feels many other edm producers make as “good music”. Pretty much build up and a drop.

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I very much agree with Deadmau5 that many songs today seem to follow a very similar formula, especially Afrojack as many of his tunes sounds almost identical. Does that mean I won’t listen to an Afrojack song that catches my attention? No of course not if I like a song I like a song. But Deadmau5’s observations should be noted.

If you think Deadmau5 does not have a point just check out this mash up by Delani from beatports top 10 songs. Its kind of funny and sad at the same time.

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Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Wrap-Up

Wavefront Music Festival wraps a successful second year on Montrose Beach this past weekend, with 72,500 fans coming through the festival’s gates to enjoy the world’s top electronic dance music artists, hot summer beats, epic sunsets, fireworks, and much more. Expanded to three days this year, Wavefront brought even more stages and artists to Chicago’s only beachside festival, which was broadcast live to 40 million homes on AXS TV, and viewed by over 225,000 people in 144 countries on internationally recognized live streaming video platform BE-AT.TV.

Stay tuned for Wavefront Music Festival’s full after movie! Get ready for Wavefront 2014 dates and early bird tickets coming soon in August.


Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Photo by Ruben Roche

Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Photo by Ruben Roche

Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Photo by Ruben Roche

Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Photo by Ruben Roche

DJ Twitter Wars Round 2

Twitter is a great way for fans to stay connected with their favorite artists on a more personal level. Artists connect on there all the time in turn giving hints on collaborations or guest appearances at concerts. But like with all things twitter has a dark side like any other social media network; if anyone goes on a tangent when passionate or heated about something. We saw this with Wolfgang Gartner calling out Martin Solveig about his track selection, Zedd bashed EDC and Pasquale Rotella for calling festival goers “Headliners” and now we have Deadmau5 calling out Afrojack about his comments made a few weeks ago at the EDM Biz conference where Afrojack was one of the closing speakers.

When asked about the rise in the popularity of EDM, Afrojack answered up “There’s no bubble – it’s simple. If you make good music, you succeed; if you don’t, you won’t…” Heres what happened on twitter after.



What do you guys think of all this?

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Wavefront Music Festival After-Party Guide

Another Chicago music festival is upon us, and WhySoChi knows how difficult it can be to track and pick out from the large variety of After-Parties available. We have taken the initiative of rounding up all your After-Party options and ticketing links for the weekend for easy decision-making and planning…

Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Schedule Lineup

Wavefront Music Festival 2013 Schedule / Lineup

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